What exactly is Luup?

The Luup app connects physical businesses to their tech-savvy customers, and allows them to provide immediate feedback about their experience, in real time. In return for their time, customers earn perks and free stuff - like concert tickets, music subscriptions, gym memberships, and even cryptocurrency!

Businesses want you, they need you.

Thanks for your unsolicited advice” Said no one ever. Until now. Today, more than ever, businesses need honest, true and direct feedback from you. Stores are still using ancient techniques like having surveys on receipts which most people don’t even notice (hello <1% response rate!). We know you’ve got things to say - why not get rewarded for it?!

Directly make the services you use and love – even better.

Luup lets you make the services you use and love, even better. You’re already shopping, eating out, buying groceries, going to places. Start giving your opinion on your experiences so businesses know exactly what they’re doing wrong (or right). And the rewards don’t hurt either ;)

Rant. Rave. Vent. Rage. We want that good shizz

Give direct feedback to businesses on your experience within their stores. Smelly table wipe not changed in ages? Pushy salespersons or rude cashiers? Music so loud you couldn’t hear your date over dinner? Your favorite product never on the shelves? Directly let businesses know, so next time, it doesn't happen again! Or if you had an amazing experience – let them know what they’re doing right!

How this sorcery works

  • 1
    Link Card

    Link your debit/credit cards on the Luup app, so we can send you surveys for places you shop at. No extra work needed from your end!

  • 2
    Shop Anywhere

    Go shop as usual. The café, grocery store, fav clothing shop – anywhere.

  • 3
    Share thoughts – earn rewards!

    Automatically receive a short fun survey from Luup, asking about your experience. Let your thoughts run wild and free – your feedback only helps businesses serve you better!

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